Mahou San Miguel is once again committed to the Hotel and Catering Industry with 180 million euros in aid to this sector

The pandemic has left between 80,000 and 100,000 establishments closed and nearly 300,000 jobs lost. These data show an overview of what the hospitality industry, one of the sectors hardest hit by this crisis, has suffered. The Covid has meant much more than a health drama and at a time like this, the hoteliers need more than ever some support and backing to face the months that remain to return to normal. From the beginning of the pandemic, the Mahou San Miguel family has been by their side.

In 2021, the Company will allocate more than 180 million euros to boost this sector with a support plan that focuses on personalised financial aid, refurbishment of terraces and initiatives that promote the digitalisation and sustainability of establishments with their long-term future in mind.

In this way, the brewery will try to further strengthen ties with its customers and promote the digitization of bars and restaurants at a time when reinventing itself does not seem to be an option, but a necessity. In addition to the Rentabilibar platform, which allows restaurateurs to access tools to make their business profitable and be in direct contact with Mahou San Miguel, the company wants to offer new services such as the possibility of ordering products more immediately and efficiently.

The brewery has also wanted to help entrepreneurship and innovation within the hotel and catering industry with tools such as, a web space that allows establishments to generate traffic.

Mahou San Miguel wants to lend a hand in the most difficult moments. They already did it in winter to help bars and restaurants to fit out their terraces by providing 20 million euros, and after the state of alarm, providing product that meant a turnover for the hotel and catering business of around 75 million euros.

We are Family

The company has announced this investment as part of its “Somos Familia” (We are Family) campaign, in which the iconic brands Mahou, San Miguel, Alhambra and Solán de Cabras join forces to pay tribute to the hoteliers who have suffered so much from the pandemic. It can be seen from July 15 on television and networks. social.

“We consider the hotel and catering industry to be part of our family, and the family is there to support each other. We don’t want any hotelier to be left behind and, with the Somos Familia campaign, our aim is to tell everyone – small, medium and large bars and restaurants – that we are still here, because there is still a lot to do”, explains Peio Arbeloa, General Manager of Mahou San Miguel’s Spain Unit.

Arbeloa describes well the spirit of a 100% family company that knows that the most important capital is the human capital, on which the whole structure of the industry depends. For this reason, he takes care of everything from the workers (whom Mahou San Miguel protects with a welfare, health and care programme, especially promoted during the pandemic), to the customers and hoteliers, who have had such a hard time and to whom we owe so much.

In addition to promoting digitalisation, Mahou San Miguel’s new support plan aims to go further by helping hoteliers to fit out their terraces and with economic aid in line with the needs of each one. In total, 180 million euros in 2021 to help the hotel and catering industry.

“In addition to the installation of enclosures and stoves last winter, which meant for many restaurateurs the only possibility of opening their doors and recovering their employees, we are providing furniture, prioritizing the distribution of 100% recycled and recyclable terraces,” explains Arbeloa, who says that this is a pioneering measure in our country.

The director also assures that sustainable sunshades are being placed on the terraces of the establishments with a technology that purifies the air and reduces the levels of harmful substances. A reduction of pollution that can be equated to that made by trees.

A family with history

Mahou San Miguel is a 100% Spanish company with 130 years of history. A trajectory that has made it know how to value the important things, such as its workers and its customers, undertaking relevant reforms to keep the family together. In addition, it produces more than 30% of the beer in our country in 10 plants, eight of them in Spain and two in the United States. It also produces 70% of Spanish beer in the world.

Such a large company necessarily has an important role in the economic development of our country. At Mahou San Miguel they are committed to “safeguarding our way of life”. The brewery has always tried to make people happy, keeping alive the flame of bars, beers and the spirit that makes us a happy and resilient country.

The future of the on-trade

After a very tough year and a half, the hotel and catering industry can get back on its feet. Although very slowly and bearing in mind that things will take time to get back to normal, the sector is returning to turnover figures similar to those before the pandemic.

In this slow recovery process, the Mahou San Miguel family is very clear about its role. “Today, more than ever, people need to see the future and companies and brands have more than an opportunity, almost a requirement, to redefine our role by being part of the solution and helping people to build and adapt to the new reality”, concludes Arbeloa.

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