Alvalle announces the withdrawal of three batches of its gazpachos for the presence of ethylene oxide.

FACUA-Consumers in Action has warned today of a statement released on the website of Alvalle which warns of the withdrawal from the market by the company, part of the Pepsico group, three batches of their gazpachos for having detected levels of ethylene oxide above the values established by law, in two of the spices used as an ingredient.

29 varieties of Carrefour brand ice cream recalled for ethylene oxide contamination.

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Specifically, the affected batches are:

  • L1236 and L1244 of Gazpacho Gourmet.
  • L5243 of its Gazpacho with beetroot, with an expiry date of November 2021.

Pepsico has clarified that the ethylene oxide is located in affects the cayenne present in Gazpacho Gourmet and the white pepper included in Gazpacho with Beetroot.

What is ethylene oxide?

According to the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry), ethylene oxide is “a sweet-smelling, flammable gas” that dissolves readily in most organic solvents. In general, as the U.S. government agency notes, it is unusual for people to be “exposed” to ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide is classified in the EU as a “possible mutagen, possible carcinogen and possible reproductive toxicant”. Since the 1990s, its use in the agricultural industry and plant protection products – pesticides – has been banned. But even so, in countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, it is used to sterilize seeds and grains, leaving traces that sometimes pass into food when the grain is used in food processing.

What other brands have been affected?

These products join the capsules and bars of Decathlon, whose withdrawal was announced in August, the list of ice creams that Mars made public on its website in July, the dozens of varieties of Nestlé (manufactured by its subsidiary Froneri) that FACUA has made public in recent weeks, those of Grupo IFA (also manufactured by Froneri) advertised in its supermarkets and the 29 varieties of Carrefour branded ice creams that the chain announced on its website.

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