elDiario.es readers can now report an error and save their favourite news items

elDiario.es readers can now save their favourite news items in their private profile to retrieve them or share them at any time. They can also use the functionality ‘I’ve seen an error’ through which we enable a new communication channel between readers and the editorial staff to report possible spelling and content errors. To use both functionalities it is necessary to be a member or to be registered in elDiario.es.

Save a news item

From now on, you can find a folder button at the beginning and at the end of each news item so that you can save the contents you like the most. All the news you bookmark will be saved in your private profile, in the ‘Read later’ tab, and you will be able to read them again or share them at any time. To stop saving saved news from your profile, simply go back to the same button from which you saved the news and click again.

Report a grammatical error or wrong information

Have you seen an error in a news item? Now, thanks to the functionality ‘I have seen an error’, the community of readers can report a spelling, grammatical or factual error in any of the news of elDiario.es. You will find the button ‘I’ve seen an error’ at the end of each news item.

This feature allows to open a direct communication channel between readers and journalists to check the data again and correct the possible error thanks to the help of the community, which is really valuable for elDiario.es.

Our team of reporters and editors dedicates special care in writing each text, but the opportunity tohe thousands of people who are part of the community of readers of elDiario.es who help us to improve is, without a doubt, extraordinary. Thanks to the collaboration, commitment and trust that the eDiario.es community gives us, we grow.

We work daily to respond to the suggestions and requests of our readers and these two features are an example of this. We will continue to incorporate elements that add value and facilitate the conversation and interaction between the community of readers and the editorial staff. If you have any suggestions you can write to us at contacto@eldiario.es.

This feature is not yet available in the elDiario.es app.

This is just one of the advantages we offer to our members and registered users. Get to know all the advantages you can enjoy in elDiario.es:

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In this blog we will tell you all the news about the eldiario.es project from the inside. You can write to us in the comments or at contacto@eldiario.es.

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