‘Everyone has the right to make a choice’: Safa Baig

‘Everyone has the right to make a choice’: Safa Baig

Safa Baig, Irfan Pathan’s wife, has spoken out about the ‘blurred photo’ she had posted on social media. Saying that the former Indian cricketer had nothing to do with the photo, she said it bothers her that her husband is being trolled on social media for being ‘oppressive’.

“I had created an Instagram account for Imran (Irfan Pathan and Safa Baig’s son) and I post stuff there so that he can look back at some lovely memories once he grows up. I handle this account and for this particular photograph, I had blurred my face out of choice. It was completely my decision and Irfan had absolutely nothing to do with it,” said Safa Baig in an interview with The Times of India.

Expressing sadness that Pathan is being painted as being an oppressive husband because of a photo she had uploaded, Baig shared a story to show how far that assumption is from the truth.

She said, “When I moved to India after marriage, I had to visit the passport office to change the details and apply for a new passport. I told the lady at the counter that I wanted to retain my maiden name but still, she asked Irfan thrice, ‘Sir, is it fine with you if she doesn’t use your surname?’ He told her, ‘If she is ok with it, what problems can I have? She has the right to choose what she wants.’”

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“Be it dressing up or choosing not to show one’s face, everyone has the right to make a choice and cyber bullying is just unacceptable,” she added.

Irfan Pathan, who retired from international cricket in early 2020, reacted to social media trolls earlier this week, by posting the picture in question on his social media account as well.

He wrote, “This picture is posted by my queen from my son’s account. We are getting lot of hate.Let me post this here as well. She blurred this pic by her choice. And Yes,I’m her mate not her master;). #herlifeherchoice”

Pathan and the Saudi Arabia-born Safa Baig had married in 2016 and have a five-year-old boy named Imran.


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