Floyd Mayweather reacts to going the distance with Logan Paul

In the immediate aftermath of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition with Logan Paul, which lasted the full eight rounds, Mayweather fields some media questions about his thoughts on the fight and if he’s happy with how things turned out. Check out some excerpts below…

Mayweather on how he felt competing with Paul in the ring

“It was fun. I wanted to give the people a show and he was fighting to survive, as you guys can see. Every time he punch he would clinch, he was the bigger guy and a little awkward but his background is wrestling if I’m not mistaken so he was good at tying me up. So a guy that came in over 200-something pounds, I came in at 155 but no excuses — I had fun tonight and I go out there to put on a show and I really believe that he was just going the distance, that was a win for him, so he was happy with going the distance.”

On Paul appearing fatigued in the middle part of the fight and if he believes he had an opportunity to stop him

“Ummm, he can grapple. He’s good with holding. He’s very, very good with holding. And like I said before, his background is wrestling and so when a guy over 200 pounds holding you, you know, I’m trying my best. Even though I got a lot of experience it’s hard to get a heavyweight off you. I fight at welterweight, fighting a heavyweight. And like I said before, I had fun, I’m pretty sure he had fun. The brothers Jake as well as Logan were so happy that he was able to go the distance so that was cool.”

On Jake Paul tweeting out that his brother beat him in the fight

“When the money comes we’ll see who’s the real winner because at the end of the day I’m going into the Hall of Fame for boxing and I have nothing to prove. When I was competing I had a great career. If they’re happy with holding eight rounds, dancing and grappling for eight rounds, congratulations.”

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