Boxing pros including Canelo, Jake Paul react to Mayweather-Paul exhibition

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are done with their exhibition bout, and there was no winner, as nobody scored a knockout and there were, as advertised, no judges scoring the fight that didn’t count on anyone’s record and wasn’t sanctioned.

For some reason people are continuing to treat it as if the “fight” were truly on the level, which is very strange to me, but since they want to do that, might as well take advantage and run the usual post-fight Twitter reactions bit that everyone loves.

And this one did at least have some reactions, from Canelo Alvarez piping up just a bit, which is unusual for him but also done in Canelo fashion, to Jake Paul continuing to play his very broad comedy troll caricature, which are really the two most important ones, and I’m tired and it’s a Sunday night, so I’m not going a whole lot further than what was there in the immediate aftermath.

Anyway, enjoy!

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