Vox accelerates its proposal to repeal the LGTBI laws in Madrid three days after agreeing budgets with Ayuso

Vox has activated this Friday the law with which it intends to repeal and thus end the LGBTi laws of the Community of Madrid approved with a broad consensus in 2016. The extreme formation registered last October 18 its proposal for a comprehensive law of “equality and non-discrimination” in which one of its points includes the “repeal” of the law 2/2016 “of identity and gender expression and social equality and non-discrimination” and the law 3/2016 of comprehensive protection against LGTBIphobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity”. This Friday, he has asked for its reactivation and his proposal will come to the plenary session on December 16 for consideration. If the PP supports the admission of the law, the bill would continue its course in the Assembly of Madrid.

The reactivation of this law occurs only three days after Vox has agreed with the Government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso its first regional budgets. In the document consisting of 13 measures, there was no reference to any of these laws or the repeal or modification of them. However, the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty, said that negotiations to amend some of its articles went ahead. The first political movement has occurred this Friday with the reactivation of the proposed law of Vox that openly advocates the repeal of the laws.

“What Vox has activated in the face of that plenary is the taking into consideration of the law, not its approval, so what is being asked of the House is its admission to process so that it is then debated and amended and if necessary approved,” said PP spokesman Alfonso Serrano, who has not clarified whether his parliamentary group will support the proposal to follow the parliamentary process. “When the time comes the popular parliamentary group will make a decision on the matter,” added Serrano at the press conference after the board of spokesmen held Friday.

“What is abundantly clear as What the president has said is that in no case we will support the repeal of laws that we believe have been positive, but we are willing to reform those issues that are technically improvable,” added Serrano.

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