The four best portable pocket radios in quality and price to listen to them anywhere you want

Despite the irruption of new technologies, portable pocket radios are still present in many people’s lives. According to the General Media Study (EGM), 22 million listeners connect to the airwaves at some point during the day.

Whether in the car, in the shower or while preparing a meal, the radio can be a good companion to liven up certain moments of the day with music, although there are also people who use the radio as their main source of information, this being their fundamental connection with the current news.

For this reason, a portable transistor can be very useful now that the good weather is arriving and we feel like going for a walk or relaxing in parks, forests and meadows. In this regard, most of them are mainly focused on being tuners for AM and FM waves. Due to their size and battery, they are usually the best option to carry with you at all times, whether in your own home or on a trip.

Keys before buying

Before recommending some models, it is important to highlight the main parameters to take into account. The first one is the types of transistors available in the market according to their technology. Thus, we can have digital models and analog models.

Analog transistors will only have the option of listening to AM/FM radio; digital ones, on the other hand, usually incorporate other features such as Bluetooth or music playback. The former are ideal for someone looking for something simple and just to listen to the radio; the latter type may be the best option for someone looking for something more. In reality, there are very few differences in price between the two types.

You also have to take into account the sound outputs. So, if we are one of those who like to listen to the radio in public transport, it is important that the portable transistor brings an output for headphones, especially the jack type.

The other major conditioning factor is the autonomy of the transistor. Some of them use batteries, so it will be necessary to change them once they run out, and they can leave us stranded in the most unthinkable situations. Others, on the other hand, work through batteries, so they can also be used while they are being charged.

And finally we have to consider DAB compatibility. DAB technology (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a radio frequency that has a wider bandwidth than AM or FM. That is, it gives better audio quality. But in Spain it is not very widespread today, although little by little there are more options.

Recommended models

Sony ICF-P26

Sony is one of those great brands when it comes to sound. The Sony ICF-P26 portable transistor is one of the cheapest and best-performing options on the market: 30 euros – although on sale it can go below 20 euros -.

It’s a portable analogue radio with an AM/FM tuner and weighs about 190 grams. It has a headphone jack output and a hand strap for easy carrying. Of course, it runs on AA batteries, so they will eventually need to be replaced.

Energy Sistem Fabric Box

But, what if you are looking for a more aesthetic analogical portable transistor? Then the best alternative might be the Fabric Box from Energy Sistem. An analogical radio for 20 euros that moves away from the classic blacks to imitate the bluetooth speakers.

It has a rechargeable battery that It holds up to 8 hours of use, plus headphone output. It also has an option to store up to 50 stations. However, the biggest drawback of this portable radio is that it does not have an external antenna, so there will be situations where it can lose signal.

Panasonic RF-2400DEG-K

The Panasonic RF-2400DEG-K is a classic portable radio: it has a carrying handle, an antenna for improved AM/FM tuning and a high-quality speaker for listening. For 29 euros, it’s a reliable, simple and practical radio for lovers of the airwaves.

This transistor also has a digital tuner to extend the reception range of the signal. In other words, you don’t need to be particularly precise when tuning in to a particular station. It also has a headphone output, but is powered by AA batteries.

At the same time, for 35 euros, Panasonic also offers the RF-3500E9-K radio, which is an improvement on the previous one. It is less portable, as it weighs almost a kilogram, but gives the option of using it either on battery or connected to the mains. It has a carrying handle and a power output of 1000mW. This one is perfect to have at home and change it from room to room.

Avantree 3 in 1

If the previous options fall short, the Avantree portable transistor may be the alternative for those looking for a more complete device and without almost increasing the budget. For 35 euros, the Avantree is a portable “radio”, a speaker and an SD card reader.

As far as the radio is concerned, the Avantree has an (internal) antenna for FM waves, although you can use the USB charging cable as an antenna. In addition, some stations can also be stored.

As for the other features: the Avantree radio has Bluetooth 5.0, so it can function as a speaker for your mobile phone, tablet or PC. It also has an SD card slot, but be warned that it only supports the following formats: MP3, WAV and WMA.

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