Illa responds to Aragonès: “You are a good person, but your Government does not work”.

The head of the opposition and leader of the PSC in the Parliament, Salvador Illa, has accused this Wednesday the Government of Pere Aragonès of being a divided Executive, “incapable of giving Catalonia what it needs”, with deficiencies in the management and little future. A very hard diagnosis in the content that Illa has exposed with kid glove and manifesting in several moments the personal respect so much for the president as for his consellers. “You are a good person, I respect you, but that is not enough,” he said, “your government does not work and there are no hours on a boat that can hide that,” he said in relation to the trip made by Aragonès and his vice president, Jordi Puigneró, to the island of Sardinia.

For Illa, these internal divisions in the Government make Catalonia lose opportunities and economic momentum. “It has been irreversibly damaged its credibility as a government, in terms of dialogue with the government, but also in matters such as the expansion of the airport,” he said. “It is difficult to take his government plan seriously,” he said, after blaming the lack of investment in El Prat to the refusal of the Government to build above the natural area of Ricarda. For the Socialist, the failure of this airport project is “a defining element of a mandate,” because of its impact on the economy.

The head of the opposition has extended to speak of the economic policy, to turn on the alarms on Catalonia. Illa has exhibited the data on the march of the headquarters of companies since 2017, which he has put at more than 4,000, in addition to two figures less growth in Catalonia than in the Spanish average. Finally, he recalled that the Community of Madrid exceeded the Catalan GDP last year. Also in social matters Illa has put a suspense to the Govern, with 26.2% at risk of poverty and 105,300 households without income.

In this sense, Illa has again extended his hand to the Government to talk about this year’s budget if the majority of the investiture, with ERC, Junts and CUP, is not able to agree. “Above our convenience is the need of Catalonia,” he said.

The socialist has also charged against the pro-independence objective manifested by Aragonès eston Tuesday, in his opening speech in the general policy debate. “Yesterday you offered more of the same, essentially relapsing into the same scheme, with minor and very insufficient changes”, he replied. Illa has also assured that the objectives in the national field set by Aragonès are “very far from what Catalonia needs”. “To achieve independence is an impossible goal, but this is not his worst problem,” he said, “above all it is that he leaves out half of Catalonia.

In contrast to this pro-independence will, Illa has placed the need for dialogue, which in his opinion is the phase prior to negotiation. On this issue, the Socialist insisted that in parallel to the round table between governments, a round table of parties should be held in Catalonia, as set out in the agreement signed by ERC, which Illa read from the lectern. “Your party committed itself to a round table of parties. I ask you to fulfil it”, he demanded. Using the metaphor of a torrent, Illa warned that the dialogue “will find its way”, so it is better “to go through the institutional channel”.

In spite of his hard speech, Illa has recognized to Aragonès that they do not have it easy in the table of dialogue by the position of his partners of Junts, and also has granted him to have been “firm”. By is has called to the rest of the parties of the House, with the exception of Vox, so that they sit down in a table of parties. “Here Mr. Batet, you must move you. do not see that it does not make sense that we do not meet? Your group is also a part of Catalonia,” he said, questioning the leader of Junts, Albert Batet. “And so are you, Mr Carrizosa. And so are you, Mr Fernández”, he called on the leaders of Ciudadanos and PP.

The CUP calls for a total turn to negotiate budgets

The anti-capitalist formation plays in this debate of general policy a leading role because its position on the budgets marks the policy of alliances of the Govern. But, in his intervention, the deputy Carles Riera has given signs that the CUP will put high the bar of demands to sit down to negotiate the accounts with the minister Jaume Giró. “Arrive at the negotiation with the folder of commitments under the arm,” Riera has asked them.

The anticapitalists not only demand that ERC comply with the investiture agreement in economic, social and ecological policies but, above all, that the Government prepares for the “new democratic onslaught” that appears in the investiture agreement and commits to set a new referendum on independence in this legislature. “The referendum is the mobilizing and democratic political framework, as demonstrated by the 1-O, because it is the eleThe president has asked him to “set a date for the referendum, president”.

Riera has also been very critical of the table of dialogue for which Aragonès bets, a dialogue that in the opinion of the CUP is only managing to “stabilize the autonomic framework”. “You are using the Government not in the service of the country but in the service of your bilateral agenda with the PSOE,” he said, after which he assured that it is impossible to negotiate while there is “repression”.

Also from Catalunya en Comú the deputy Jéssica Albiach has shown the sharp knife against Aragonès. In Albiach’s opinion, it is a “broken government”, which in just 100 days has shown itself “unable to move forward” because one partner puts the other in the way. “The temptation to blame Junts is strong, but you are the most responsible for the Government,” Albiach warned Aragonès, whom he has asked to strengthen the Catalan delegation at the dialogue table. The leader of the ‘comuns’ has also criticized that both the response to the social emergency and the impulse to the new productive model, both proposals of Aragonès during the investiture, for the moment have come to nothing.

Vox threatens with criminal actions against the Bureau

One of the initiatives announced by the CUP is that it will bring back to Parliament the two debates vetoed by the Constitutional Court, on self-determination and on the Monarchy, in the form of motions for resolutions. To this will has reacted the formation of the extreme right led by Ignacio Garriga. Vox has assured that if the Bureau of the Parliament processes these resolutions, they will urge to open criminal proceedings for an alleged disobedience to the Constitutional. Garriga has also assured that they will take these resolutions to the TC to be annulled.

Vox has also charged against the table of dialogue, which has been called “table of extortion table to the institutions of the State”, where in his view the Government of Pedro Sánchez is “betraying the Spanish”. The table is also the “attempt to replace the Parliament by an autonomous body formed by separatists and socialists without any control by the opposition,” said the leader of the extreme right in the Parliament.

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