Treasury accepts non-eliminatory oppositions and that the interim who have spent 10 years to get place directly

The Ministry of Finance and Public Function has offered to the groups of Congress to amend the decree law of stabilization of temporary employment in the Public Administration to save its validation, accepting non-eliminatory oppositions and exempt them from them to temporary staff with more than ten years of experience that has not obtained a place in that period.

The Government achieves an agreement with ERC and saves the decree that limits the abuse of temporary staff in the public sector.

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This has been stated by the Minister María Jesús Montero, who has advanced that these changes will be introduced during the processing of the decree as a bill and has pledged to have finally approved before the end of next October.

According to Montero, public administrations will be able to offer non-eliminatory competitions and apply that temporary staff with more than ten years of experience in the Administration will benefit from Article 61.6 of the Basic Statute of the Public Employee, which enables the assessment of merits for access as an exceptional possibility.

These measures have been accepted by his partner in government, United We can, as reported to Europa Press sources of this formation, which will finally support the decree law. Also, parliamentary sources report a principle of agreement with ERC.

And it is that both formations need to move their Budget partners, or at least part of them to abstention, since PP (88), Vox (52), Ciudadanos (9), Bildu (5), Junts (4) and PDeCAT (4) have confirmed their rejection.

Finally, the PNV (6 deputies) and Más País-Equo-Los Verdes (2) and Compromís (1) will abstain, facilitating the validation of the decree law, as reported to Europa Press from these formations.

Under this negotiation, the rule will also include during its processing as a bill that the autonomous communities will have the right to vote for the decree.The more they can decide that the competition is not eliminatory in the processes of stabilization of structural positions occupied for more than three years by interim staff.

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