The government of Móstoles is in the air, with the mayor and her councillors facing charges

The municipal government of Móstoles is wobbling. Citizens has decided to “lead and promote” a motion of censure against the current socialist team headed by Noelia Posse. The spokesman for Citizens, José Antonio Luelmo, has announced that the local party will initiate a round of contacts to consider that the situation in which they find the City Council is “unsustainable and intolerable”. “We are obliged to take this decision by responsibility, so that the mostoleños regain stability, opening dialogue between the formations to ensure a government to meet the needs of Móstoles,” he said Friday.

The reason for the motion is derived from the procedural situation in which the mayor and the rest of the members who made up the local Government Board after the judge of Instruction number 1 of Móstoles has cited them as investigated for the alleged commission of a crime of embezzlement and other continued prevarication in relation to the cancellation of a debt of 2.4 million euros to a company of ITV.

Currently, the municipal government has 12 councilors, 10 of the PSOE and 2 of Podemos, so for the motion to go ahead it will need the rest of the councilors, the 3 of Cs, plus the 6 of the PP, 2 of Más Madrid Ganar Móstoles, 2 of Vox and of the non-attached councilors, in this case there are two who split from Ciudadanos.

In the providence, dated November 29, the instructor agrees to summon the investigated the next 16 and 28 February. First will the deputy mayor, David Muñoz, the Councillor for Employment, Rebeca Prieto, the Councillor for Culture, Alejandro Martin, and the mayor of Urban Planning Maria Luisa Ruiz.

On February 28th will parade before the judge the Councillor for Equality Maria Dolores Triviño, the former Councillor for Urban Planning Beatriz Benavides and the Councillor for Education Natividad Gomez. All, with the exception of one of them, continue to be part of the local government.

The citations occur after last November 18 the mayor of Mostoles, Noelia Posse, declared as investigated. in the cause, an accusation that then attributed to “a political complaint”, said to be “very calm” and showing his confidence in the Justice.

They were also cited as investigated the treasurer of the City Council and the then councilman of Finance, Aitor Perlines, on whom in his statement the mayor “downloaded the responsibility” said that it was an initiative of the councilman and that the urgency was also processed by the mayor, as pointed out to Europa Press sources of the prosecution.

The complaint, filed by More Madrid Win Móstoles (MMGM), and admitted for processing in April, is based on the fact that it “forgave” the collection of public debt to a company that would not have paid the fees that involve the use of public land to develop its activity in the town.

The spokesman of Citizens believes that all these facts “are serious enough” for the mayor had already resigned, so it has again demanded the secretary general of the PSOE-M, Juan Lobato, “to end the degradation of the image of this City Council. He has also addressed Lobato, as well as the leader of More Madrid, Monica Garcia, and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso (PP), urging them “to speak out and to end this unfortunate situation”.

However, the socialist councilwoman refuses to resign. Posse said yesterday, Thursday, that no one will resign because their actions “are in accordance with the law and legality. In an interview on Cadena Ser, admitted that he has not spoken to the secretary general of the PSOE-M, Juan Lobato, for his paternity leave but is “in constant contact with the party”.

However, the PSOE-M has already received the documentation of the current councilors of the City Council affected and cited as investigated for the alleged commission of a crime of embezzlement and another continued of prevarication and has announced that they will monitor the procedural developments and will bring it to the attention of the Ethics Commission.

“At this time, there is no opening of oral proceedings open against the councilors. Once those affected come to testify next February, the judge will determine to file the case or take further action,” said in a statement the secretary of organization of the PSOE-M, Marta Bernardo. As they add, the party will act “in a clear, forceful and with the utmost rigor, in in the event of the occurrence of any of the circumstances in which that code provides that the party must act”.

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