Keys to choosing a microwave and three models with good value for money

Choosing a microwave may seem like a simple choice but if we really want to spend our money well we must take into account some considerations, especially because the range of products and prices is high and we may end up spending more than 300 euros when for less than 100 we would have found the appliance that suits us.

And on the contrary: maybe we buy a device at a good price believing that we are making a master purchase and it turns out that a few days later we realize that it falls short for most of the functions we wanted to use it for.

As well as quality, these appliances are also interested in the diversity of functions they can perform, so that while some are limited to the classic microwave functions, others can be used as an oven, a steamer or even an oil-free fryer.

Here are the key points to bear in mind when choosing your microwave among the wide range on the market, so that you don’t go overboard with the price and don’t fall short with the features.

What I’m going to use it for

There are three main types of microwave ovens:

  • those without a grill
  • those with a grill
  • those that include a grill and convection heat

In this way:

  • if what we want is a microwave to heat pre-cooked dishes, defrost meat and fish or reheat milk or coffee, a microwave without grill will suffice.
  • If we also want it to grill baked dishes such as cannelloni, or to burn the sugar on top of the cannelloni, we will need a microwave oven without a grill.For creams, cakes and other desserts, it is a good idea to incorporate the grill. But we must take into account that it will increase the price and the energy cost, because while a normal microwave has a base power of 600 to 700 W, the grill is at 1000 W to be efficient.
  • Finally, if we want our microwave to fulfil some or all of the oven functions – which includes everything from making pizzas to cooking casseroles, cannelloni, pastries, bread, etc – we will have to opt for a combi, with convection heat in addition to the other functions. The price here is around 300 euros and can exceed 500 if we include functions such as oil-free frying or steam cooking.

How much space do I have

Do we have enough space or are we limited? Are we building a new kitchen or renovating it? These are questions that weigh heavily when it comes to choosing a microwave. In the first instance:

  • If we have no space to spare, it is better to opt for integrated models and adapt them to the kitchen space. The volume of the appliance will also be important, because the interior capacity can vary between 20 and 30 litres.
  • if we want oven functions, it is better to opt for a larger capacity.
  • the combi type -or oven-microwave- is interesting if we are renovating the kitchen, we do not have enough space and we do not want to duplicate appliances, so that we save the space and the price of a conventional oven. However, we must bear in mind that a combi does not fulfil all the functions of an oven and if it does, it may be at a higher price.

Aesthetics count

If we are going to choose an oven that is integrated into the furniture or that can fit on a shelf, so that only the front is visible, it will be enough for it to match the general aesthetics of the kitchen.

However, if the oven is going to be on a table, a kitchen island, the worktop, etc., then we must also consider the complete aesthetics of the appliance, including the back.

These models tend to be somewhat more expensive and large, sometimes they are somewhat bulky, so we must contrast their suitability with the dimensions of our kitchen.

Additional considerations

Finally we must consider whether we want our microwave to have extras, something that will undoubtedly raise the price, although there are currently models on the market at competitive prices that combine several new features.

Along with the aforementioned oil-free frying or steaming, there are models with a timer to program the functions, or with wifi, so that we can turn on the microwave with an application for our mobile phone.

Three interesting models

1. Cecotec Proclean 3010 microwave oven

For 55 euros, this is a microwave of the simplest range with a capacity of 20 litres and an interior with a coating that is easier to clean, as it repels dirt. It also has an elegant design with a glass door and metallic details.

The maximum power is 700 W adjustable, with six power levels. On the other hand, the defrosting mode adapts to all foods with different settings. As for the controls, these are manual rotary and features a timer up to 30 minutes and an audible end of cooking.

2. LG MH6535GIB Microwave Grill Smart Inverter

In a higher range, with grill, this appliance has a price hardly beatable if we take into account that it is an LG product: 109 euros. This is a 2-in-1 microwave with grill (microwave and grill). For the microwave it has a power of 1000 W; for the grill 900 W and the combined power of both microwave+grill can reach 1450 W.

It has a capacity of 25 litres and an inner plate of 29.2 cm in diameter, and also incorporates multiple ways of cooking and automatic menus. Thanks to its Inverter technology, LG ensures that it cooks up to 1.6 times faster, saving up to 28% of electricity, something very interesting if you take into account the power consumption.

3. Orbegozo MIG 2528 CO

We have here for 144 euros a microwave with grill and convection, ie a combi of the Spanish brand Orbegozo. It has a capacity of 25 litres and weighs 16.4 kilos. Its dimensions are 41x 48.2 x 27.9 centimeters (width, length and height).

The power in microwave mode is 900 W, while the power in grill/convection mode goes up to 1950 W. On the other hand, it offers seven pre-set menus and a defrosting program. It also has six power levels and a timer function with audible alarm, as well as overheating protection and a child safety lock.

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