Casado calls for the Navy to prevent the arrival of migrants by sea to Spain

“The borders of all Member States are borders of the European Union. Therefore, Frontex, and also the navies of the member countries, have to ensure the territorial integrity of the borders and also prevent thousands of people from losing their lives”. Thus has claimed the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, that the Spanish army ships prevent the arrival in Spain of boats with migrants on board. A demand that Vox already raised a few months ago and that received the response from the Navy itself, which recalled that its obligation is to assist these people, not to block their transit.

Morocco provokes a crisis with Spain using its population to destabilize the border of Ceuta

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Casado visited Cyprus on Friday, where he was received by the Prime Minister, Nikos Anastasiadis. In a subsequent statement, the leader of the PP has highlighted as one of the “common interests” of both countries, which has added Greece, where he was on Thursday, “is the migration policy”. “In the case of Cyprus and Spain, these waves of migration have meant that we have always defended ourselves, and that we have raised that it is a common EU policy.

The leader of the PP has argued that “Spain has a great experience of great migratory pressure” and that when the PP has been in government “these flows have been stopped with a dual policy”, based on “firmness in the defense of the borders, with material and personal resources, and in collaboration with Frontex” and “cooperation” with the countries of origin.

Casado recalled the crisis with Morocco last spring, when the North African country encouraged thousands of people to jump the border, many of them minors, which caused an explosive situation both in the city and in the coalition government.

“The immiThe PP leader said that “Ceuta and Melilla are the only cities of an EU state in Africa” and pointed out that the wave in May was “politically motivated”. The PP leader said that “Ceuta and Melilla are the only cities of an EU state in Africa” and pointed out that the May wave had “political motivations”.

Casado said he hopes that the next European Council will debate the quotas for the distribution of refugees, as well as the common migration policy. “It is a European policy, the borders of all member states are borders of the Union,” he said, adding: “Therefore, Frontex and also the navies of the member countries have to ensure the territorial integrity of the borders, and also prevent thousands of people from losing their lives, often exploited by mafias and the misery of their countries and armed conflicts. “That is why the firmness at our borders must be accompanied by European solidarity in the countries of origin,” he concluded.

The idea of the Navy exerting a kind of blockade on the Atlantic and Mediterranean routes was already proposed by Vox. The party of Santiago Abascal received the forceful response of Admiral Teodoro Lopez Calderon, head of the Navy: “If any warship of Spain is with a boat in a situation where the lives of those who are in it is in danger, its obligation of all kinds, legal, moral, etc., is to rescue them, and that is what would be done”.

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