Casado avoids correcting the revisionism on Franco and ditches: “No one should unpick the pardon sealed by our grandparents”.

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has avoided on Wednesday contradicting or correcting the historical revisionism about the Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship that his political formation has joined in recent days. Nor has he shown his rejection of the controversial words of former UCD minister Ignacio Camuñas who, on Monday, at a roundtable organized by the PP and which was chaired by Casado himself said that the uprising of Franco’s military against the democracy of the Second Republic “was not a coup” and that the Civil War was the responsibility of the Republican Government.

The yoke of Vox marks the agenda of Casado

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During his speech before the National Board of Directors of the PP – the highest body between congresses – which has taken place in the Parador de Gredos (Ávila) coinciding with the third anniversary of his victory in the primaries, Casado has limited himself to criticize once again the laws of Historical Memory – the last of them, approved yesterday by the Government -, ensuring that “no one should dig up old wounds”. “Nor unpick the forgiveness that our parents and grandparents sealed, and less for an irresponsible interest in dividing society to polarize electorally,” he said.

Although this morning both the PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, and the Deputy Secretary of Communication, Pablo Montesinos, have explicitly condemned Francoism, in his drift towards this historical revisionism typical of the extreme right Casado has not done the same during his speech to the party.

For weeks now, the leader of the Popular Party has already publicly equated Francoism with the democracy of the Second Republic, avoids questioning those who deny that in 1936 the military rebels staged a coup and has pledged that, if he ever reaches the Moncloa, he will repeal all the laws of Memory, a decision that was not even raised by his own party in the recent past, when Mariano Rajoy ruled the country with an absolute majority.

<pMaintaining the turn to the right that began precisely three years ago today, when he won the XIX National Congress of the PP, Casado has accused the Government of “approaches of prisoners” of ETA or of “collusion with banana dictatorships”. In his opinion, the president of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, “accepted to be the figurehead on the pirate ship of anti-politics, a ship in which nationalism was at the helm and Podemos was inflating the sails. But now it is a ghost ship adrift, waiting for the next electoral storm that will deflate it”.

More harsh words against the government

“The measures of grace to those who gave a coup or prison benefits to ETA murderers are the sample of the worst political and moral degradation,” he has sentenced, before denouncing that the Government “of Sánchez and Iglesias” was constituted “with Otegi, Junqueras and Puigdemont”. “Today, our public debate is exhausted in knowing whether or not the Government of Spain acts within the law, to discover almost always that it does not,” he insisted.

“They put the Parliament between the sword of forced alarm, of which we always warned, and the wall of health devastation, against which we always acted. We got out of that blackmail as soon as it was responsible to do so, offering a legal plan B that it has to this day inexplicably rejected. It is not only that he has failed, it is that he has preferred to fail alone rather than get it right with the PP. That is called sectarianism, and its consequence is paid by all citizens,” Casado has reiterated in reference to Pedro Sánchez.

In his opinion, “while the Spaniards lost rights, Sanchez and his partners won them”. “His Frankenstein agenda not only progressed in the midst of the crisis but accelerated in the exceptionality and in the suppression of controls towards his desired regime change by constitutional mutation. (…) This new old Government is the same mistake with other faces, other puppets in the hands of those of Waterloo and Ladoners”. For Sánchez, Casado points out, “the rule of law is always an obstacle whether in Madrid, Barcelona, Vitoria, Ceuta, Brussels, Caracas or Havana”. In short, the president “can’t be trusted by anyone”.

“No country in Europe wastes its time trying to preserve the rule of law from the damage caused by its own government. With the submission to those who want to break Spain and the systematic attack on the powers of the State,” he said.

“Sanchez is already past, although he does not know it”.

For all these reasons, the leader of the PP has considered that “in the face of this institutional and territoThe “importance” of the PP “is magnified. “It has never been so true to say that the future of Spain passes through the Popular Party. Sanchez is already the past, although he still does not know it. If he does not realize it, let him stop embezzling with the CIS and ask the Spaniards at the polls and they will clarify it. We will win, yes, I am convinced, but we will also suffer because Spain needs the most ambitious reform agenda in our history and because we have the firm will to carry it forward urgently,” he concluded.

Casado has added that when he won the primaries, in 2018, the Popular was the third political force in Spain according to the polls “and today it is already the first” because it has “united the whole party”, has “consolidated” its territorial power and has “recovered the hegemony of the electoral space of the center right”. “It has not been easy, nor have they made it easy for us, but we have managed to return to being the hope for the future of Spain. Spaniards are making it clear that for them the real choice has never been between new or old politics, it has always been between good and bad politics.”

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